Meet the Secretariat

Secretary-General: Cyrene Mokrani

Cyrene is a second year EPAIS student who speaks 4 languages and looks forward to welcoming you to a WARMUN that maintains the high standards of previous years

Deputy-Secretary-General: Otto Oldbrige

Otto is a second year PPE student from Devon who wants WARMUN 2024 to be a friendly and open place for rigorus debate and discussion.

Under-Secretary-Generals for Chairing: Luke Hynes, Alexandria Cheung

Luke is a second year history student who loves sport and wants to make sure this WARMUN runs smoothly and we have the best chairs to date.
Alexandria is a second year phychology student who thoroughly enjoys MUN and wants to make sure all chairs and delegates can do so as well this year.

Under-Secretary-Generals for Delegates: Amos Kernaghan, Lamita Abbas

Amos is a second year maths student who has been doing MUN for nearly 4 years at this point and has won best delegate at every competition hes been in. This year hes looking to improove on previous yeard to ensure a smooth conference.
Lamita is a 3rd year BioMed student who inbetween fostering cats wants to make this WARMUN an incredable experience for all.

Under-Secretary-General for Finance: Jamie Gatcha

Jamie is a second year MMORSE student who after applying his 25 point program for this year hopes for a larger conference for all to enjoy.

Under-Secretary-General for Publicity and Outreach: Nurmash Tokmukhamedov

Nurmash is a second year PAIS student looking for a smooth experience where everyone can make life long connections.

Under-Secretary-Generals for Socials and Events: Angui Silva, Lottie Rowland

Anugi is a second year law student who wants to make warmun 2024 a memorable experience for all.
Lottie is a second year PAIS student thats looking forward to everyone having a fun time and building an amzing community.

Under-Secretaries-General for Logistics: James olswang, Samira Faria

Samira is a third year PAIS student that fell in love with MUN and wants to host a great conference for all
James is a second year PAIS student wanting this years conference to be one for everyone to remember.

Crisis Director: Rob Sunucks

Robert is probably one of the most experienced crisis directors out there. Having almost half a decade of MUN experience he is bested by few and will give a crisis to remember.