Meet the Exec

Aaron Gilchrist - President

Aaron Gilchrist is a third year Mathematics student at the University of Warwick who is the President of Warwick UN Society.

He was the Training Officer of Warwick UN Society for 2019-2020 and in this role he co-founded the Warwick UN Society MUN 101 Workshop, an innovative programme designed to transform new MUNers into esteemed diplomats in the timescale of one day. He has attended over 30 conferences in his seven-year MUN career in a variety of roles; highlights include being Secretary General of his school’s conference, ReiMUN, and being the President of the Special Conferences and 200 delegate plenary at MUNISH 2017. He really enjoys meeting new people from around the world, and MUN conferences provide the perfect environment for this.

While he is not doing MUN, he is always studying, but in the rare instances he is not doing either of these things, Aaron enjoys cooking, eating, gaming, and socialising.

Chia Yong Gan - Vice President

Hey there, my name is Chia Gan and I am acting Vice-President of the Warwick UN society. I enjoy uncomfortable discussions and making fun of mimes. If you wish to make friends while discussing global issues on a weekly basis, the UN society is welcoming to everyone. If you wish to hit me up to discuss the practise or ideals of MUN, I'd rather you didn't.

Sabin Rufa - Treasurer

Hi! I’m Sabin, a 2nd year student of Economics, Politics and International Studies BSc. As your treasurer, I will be making sure that everything related to the sponsorships, funding and other financial matters of the society is in good order. I am also excited to find new opportunities and avenues for involvement for all the members of the society, by building partnerships with external associations, NGOs and other entities. I look forward to meeting each of you and sharing the great experience that MUN is. The floor is YOURS!

Nicholas Sim Ting Yen - Training Officer

Nicholas is a First Year PAIS student who enjoys MUN, gaming, movies and eating. He also has a bit too much knowledge about Star Wars and comics.

Basmah Ali - Academic Officer

Hi, I’m Basmah, the UN Society’s Academic officer and a second year Classical Civilisation student. I joined the society as a complete newbie to debating and loved my time here, and I hope you will too. If you have any questions, or want to get involved in the academic side of the society feel free to drop me a message.

Adrian Tam - Conference Manager

I’m Adrian Tam and I am your Conferences Manager for this year! I will be working to make sure that our delegates have access to some of the largest and most enjoyable conferences on both the UK and the international MUN circuit. I am also one of the co-Secretaries General for this year’s WarMUN, our annual society-run conference. Aside from managing our delegation’s conferences schedule and logistics, I can also be regularly seen in society events such as socials, training sessions and workshops. I’m very excited to meet our new members for this year and I hope to be an accessible and welcoming exec member!

Sayujya Grover - Socials & Welfare Officer

Hello everybody! I’m Sayujya but you can call me Saj if you buy a membership. I am super excited to be this years Social and Welfare Officer for the UN Society. As your Socials officer, I will be running many fun events throughout the year that are suitable for all people, and as Welfare Officer you can rely on me to ensure our society is a safe and welcoming place for everyone to join in and participate. I cannot wait to meet everyone and make sure that this is the best year for UN socials ever!

Kat Mangam - Publicity Officer

Hi, my name is Kat, I’m the publicity officer and I’m a 2nd year EPAIS student. I joined Warwick UN Society as a fresher with no prior experience but with the help of weekly training sessions and general support from other members I was able to learn so much and feel confident in my debate. The society balances both academic and social events and I hope I can convince you to come to both through my marketing! I’m so excited to be a part of the exec and take the supportive spirit forward. I hope to be an approachable and accessible figure if you ever need any help or guidance 🙂