Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join Warwick UN Society?

You can purchase membership for £3.50 at You need Warwick SU Societies’ Federation membership to join: this can be added at the checkout.

How often are society events?

We run weekly training sessions on Wednesdays and additionally a few academic events and socials per month. MUN Conferences are on weekends, and we go to a few of these per year as a society.

How can I find out about society events?

Follow our Facebook and Instagram feeds to see our events as they are announced. We also send weekly emails during term time detailing what we are doing in the next week, and giving announcements for conferences and other larger events later on. You can follow our social media and join our mailing list at <>.

I’ve never done MUN before, can I join?

Our training sessions assume no prior knowledge and at the beginning of the year we make a concerted effort to teach the rules of procedure. For those who have done MUN before, our sessions should also be very helpful as we do public speaking exercises and focus on country policy.

I don’t study politics, can I join?

Our community of members study a variety of subjects from all faculties of the university: even our President studies maths! No matter what you study, you will be welcome within our society and will hopefully learn and enjoy something from our sessions.

I have an idea for an event, how can I suggest this?

Message us on Facebook or email us at with any suggestions or comments. We will try to get back to you promptly!

How will the society’s activities be affected by the COVID 19 pandemic?

Due to recent restrictions in UK law and our interest in keeping our members safe, we will most likely not be able to hold any events in person for at least Term 1 of the 2020-2021 academic year. Our exec has been working hard over the summer to move things online, and we are confident that these online replacements should be just as good. To find out more about how specific events are being run, check the ‘Events’ section of this website.