The conference will have four different simulations for delegates to participate in, three traditional UN Committees as are offered at the majority of MUN conferences, and a House of Commons committee.

Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC)

Chair: Sabina Dzhumanova

Deputy Chair: Sabin Rufa


  • Topic A: Regulating Private Military and Security Companies
  • Topic B: Implementation of New Drone Strike Regulations

Economic and Social Committee (ECOSOC)

Chair: Jakub Kucerak

Deputy Chair: Adrian Tam


  • Topic A: Preparing the Youth for the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Topic B: The Advancement of Global Transport Connectivity

UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC)

Chair: Colin Jun

Deputy Chair: Aisha Intesar


  • Topic A: Ensuring the Rights of Refugees
  • Topic B: Racial Discrimination in the Middle East

House of Commons (HoC)

Chair: Meera Eldridge

Deputy Chair: Sayujya Grover


  • Reducing inequality between the North and South