What is MUN?

The purpose of Model United Nations is to provide youths with a stimulating forum for debate, discussion and exchange of perspectives in regards to changing real world issues.

Participants are not only encouraged to improve on existing resolutions and actions that have already taken place but to take a further step in rejecting the convenience of conventions and innovate new solutions as well.

Model United Nation conferences tend to last multiple days and involve intense consensus-building, inspired by the multilateral collaboration that defines the United Nations. In Model United Nation simulations, delegates will fight for the interests of their preferred country and its citizens, while bearing in mind their duties towards a larger global community and the nuances of international relations.

It is an extracurricular activity that not only allows our youths to develop and improve their public speaking abilities and diplomacy, it also educates them on international relations and provides exposure the functions of the United Nations as a whole.

Through their participation, delegates in Model United Nations will become more well informed and emphatic paving the way for them to better serve as the leaders of tomorrow.